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क्या पोर्न फिल्म स्टार एचआईवी पॉजिटिव होते है ?

क्या बात है सन्नी क्या बिग बॉस ५  में घुसी तो उनको अपनी फिल्म मर्डर ३ के लिए महेश भट्ट भी बिग बॉस के घर में जाने के बारे में  सोचने लगे |

इसे कहते है किस्मत दोस्त | खैर महेश भट्ट पहले भी सन्नी के लिए अपनी फिल्म के  लिए अप्प्रोच कर चुके है उस टाइम पर  बात नहीं बनी थी | 

अरे हम तो अपनी रह से भटक रहे है,  क्या पोर्न फिल्म स्टार एचआईवी पॉजिटिव होते है ? ये बड़ा सवाल है ?

 इसलिए मै आपको राज की बात बताने जा रहा हु . पोर्न फिल्म   इन्दुस्ट्री में  बहुत सारे पोर्न स्टार एचआईवी  होने से अपनी जान गवा चुके है | अभी  भी कितने पोर्न स्टार एचआईवी से पीड़ित है | जरा बचके मेरे दोस्त ?     आप नीचे  अपनी आखे खोल  के पढो फिर मत कहना ये क्या हुआ रे रे बाबा | पुंगी के चक्कर में अपनी पुंगी  मत बजवा लो  फिर मत कहना मैंने बताया नहीं ?

Aids fears force shutdown of LA porn film industry after star tests HIV positive

  • Studios will stop filming while more tests are conducted
  • Scare comes weeks after bid for stars to wear condoms
  • Testing crisis as screening service closes amid lawsuit 

Fears that porn stars are at risk of Aids has forced the shutdown of the world’s biggest production centre for X-rated movies after a performer tested HIV positive.
Studios in Los Angeles yesterday agreed to stop filming while more tests are carried out on actors after the unnamed star was found to have the sexually transmitted disease during a routine examination.
It comes just weeks after campaigners launched a petition to change the city’s law and force adult movie actors to wear condoms.
Porn set: The infected actor is feared to have passed HIV on to other stars (file picture does not contain any infected actors)
Porn set: The infected actor is feared to have passed HIV on to other stars (file picture does not contain any infected actors)
The crusade is being led by former star, Derrick Burts, who last year contracted HIV, which causes Aids.
The $14billion-a-year industry also faces a testing crisis after the service screened actors’ blood for more than a decade closed in May after being sued for allegedly revealing private medical information.
Responsibility for the 30-day testing programme has been shifted from the AIM Medical Associates to the porn industry’s trade group, the Free Speech Coalition.
Last month, the group-operated Adult Performer Health and Safety Services launched a new testing database, which is designed to provide porn producers and agents with access to results from numerous testing facilities.
Campaign: The Aids scare comes weeks after former adult film performer Derrick Burts (pictured), who is HIV-positive, launched a bid to force stars to wear condoms
Campaign: The Aids scare comes weeks after HIV-positive former adult film performer Derrick Burts (pictured) launched a bid to force stars to wear condoms
The new system will show only whether performers are available for work, not their specific test results, as AIM had done.
But, casting doubt on the robustness of the industry’s voluntary testing arrangement, FSC director Diane Duke admitted it would be at least another month before the database is fully functional.
Also complicating the issue, it emerged that the HIV-positive star, whose age, name and gender have not been revealed, was tested at an out-of-state facility.
Miss Duke said the unspecified centre ‘that does not appear to have protocols or procedures in place for medical follow-up.’
In response yesterday, all of LA’s porn producers, including those at well-known studios such as Hustler Video and Evil Angel, agreed to the temporary shutdown.
The FSC is now notifying actors known to have had sex with the potentially infected star so they could get tested, she said.
‘Retesting and confirmation is underway as is the process of identifying and testing first- and second-generation partners,’ Miss Duke told the Los Angeles Times.
‘Until we know for sure, we've asked the industry to have a moratorium on production.’
Yesterday, California and LA County health officials said they had not received any reports of new HIV cases among adult performers.
Current voluntary standards adopted by the porn industry in California mean adult film performers must be tested every 30 days and show proof of a negative test before they perform.
AIM officials, who opened the Sherman Oaks-based clinic in 1998, had been criticised for opposing condom use in porn films and insisting that frequent tests could protect performers from HIV. 
Crusade: Mr Burts is joined by Aids Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein (to his right) and fellow porn actors, including Darren James (far right), who contracted HIV while working in the industry
Crusade: Mr Burts is joined by Aids Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein (to his right) and fellow porn actors, including Darren James (far right), who contracted HIV while working in the industry
They continued to defend their position even after performer Mr Burts tested HIV-positive at one of its clinics last year.
The star has since joined an effort by the Los Angeles-based Aids Healthcare Foundation to get a measure placed on the city's June 2012 ballot that would require LA adult film performers to use condoms in order for porn filmmakers to obtain film permits.
If they obtain at least 41,138 qualifying signatures on a petition by December 23, voters will have the chance to force the munincipal government to adopt the law.
If they succeed, it will be the first time the issue would come before voters.
Aids Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said the latest HIV case shows why testing is not an adequate substitute for condoms, adding that the latest reported infection shows an ‘outrageous disregard for the health and safety of performers and the community at large.’
He also called on Los Angeles city officials to take an additional step to the voluntary moratorium and pull all adult film permits until they can require performers to use condoms.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2031666/Aids-fears-force-Los-Angeles-porn-film-industry-shuts-star-tests-HIV-positive.html#इक्ष्ज़्ज़१फ़्ब्रूउ

msnbc.com contributor
updated 9/6/2011 3:45:25 PM ETint
The porn film star who tested HIV-positive last week and shut down Los Angeles’ billion-dollar industry, does not have the virus, an advocacy group for the adult entertainment industry announced.
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Diane Duke, a spokesperson for the Free Speech Coalition in Los Angeles, told the Associated Press the group is investigating how the porn star falsely tested positive for the virus, and said the industry would resume film production.
While the issue raised questions in the adult film industry, which requires its members to take HIV tests every 30 days, Ged Kenslea, communication director for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, says the chance of a false positive is rare.
“The public at large doesn’t need to start getting two HIV tests,” he says. “We conduct 40,000 tests each year in California, Florida and Washington, D.C., and of those 40,000 tests we have probably 30 false positives.”
False positives can occasionally occur if the counselor contaminates a sample in some way, something is wrong with the actual test or the person has another virus that throws the test, Kenslea adds.
Dr. Bernard Branson, medical epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says based on 5 million blood donors, the chance of a false positive is about 1 in 250,000. If someone tests positive, the person should be automatically retested, he says.
“While more people are being tested for HIV than ever before — half of Americans adults still have not been tested,” he says. “HIV testing saves lives.”
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about 50,000 new HIV infections each year. In 2009, the latest year for which data is available, about 48,000 new HIV cases were reported. CDC recommends that adolescents and adults be tested for HIV as a routine part of healthcare and that people at high risk be tested more often than others.
Kimberly Hayes Taylor is an independent health writer based in Detroit. A former staff writer for newspapers including The Detroit News, Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Hartford Courant, she's also written for magazines such as Essence, Black Enterprise and Decisive. Her latest book is "Get It Up: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction.
अगर किसी के पेट में दर्द उठे और अपनी भडास निकाले तो हमें कमेन्ट बॉक्स में कमेन्ट कर दे |
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